FireQuiz Testimonials

Below are some recent actual testimonials from past members of  These testimonials have not been doctored, or edited in any way.  Want to add yours? click here.

Member Testimonials

"After taking the written for the second time and failing I decided that I would try your prep material.  Well, I'm happy to say that I finally passed November 28th.  Your practice stuff was what I needed to put me in the right frame of mind.  I'll keep everyone posted what happens next."

Felix G.
Los Angeles, CA

"Very Helpful.  I didn't get my results back yet, but I believe I passed.  Thanks for the help.  I would also like to thank Augie in customer support when he took care of my problem getting in the site.  Thank you.."

Stephen P.
Tyler, TX

"My grandfather was a firefighter for 27 years and I always wanted to follow in his footsteps.  The first time I took the San Diego test I didn't pass.  I now start the academy in the Spring.  Thanks everyone..  Wish me luck!"

Kevin C.
San Diego, CA

"All I want to say to everyone that reads this that it works.  I was a little skeptical when I first signed up.  The questions are not the exact same, but you could get to the right answer because of the practice on here.  I found it much easier to practice here then reading a book."

Francis W.
Las Vegas, NV

"Just wanted to let everyone know that I have my physical on Wednesday.  The test was a joke.  I practiced the sections on here, had a good breakfast and passed it.  I was probably one of the first to leave the room.  Thank you guys  It was fun."

Trevor W.
Boston, MA

"My name is Henry and I used your site to prepare for the Seattle, WA exam about 5 months ago.  Well, I passed back then, and have been offered a promise of employment.  I'm simply going back to thank anyone that helped me.  I never thought that I could get on.  I now know that anything is possible and will make everyone proud of me.  I will recommend you to anyone that I know taking the test in the future."

Stan M.
Seattle, WA